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From Oracle

Brian Goetz is the Java Language Architect at Oracle, and was the specification lead for JSR-335 (Lambda Expressions for the Java Programming Language.) He is the author of the best-selling Java Concurrency in Practice, as well as over 75 articles on Java development, and has been fascinated by programming since Jimmy Carter was President.

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Modular Java Platform


Project Jigsaw aims to modularize the Java platform, improve performance and security, and simplify the development and maintenance of large applications. To achieve these goals, it proposes to introduce a standard module system. This session explains the key design principles of the project, shows the progress made in the past year, and demonstrates its use.

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

Ask the Architect Questions and Answers


Rendez-vous avez Brian Goetz, l'un des responsables du développement du langage et de la plate-forme Java pour une session de questions/réponses sur le futur de Java.

La session sera en Anglais

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

Java; the next 20 years


The Java platform is 20 years old this year! What can we expect from Java over the next 20? Java Language Architect Brian Goetz will explore where Java has been, and where it is going.