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Mandy works at Google where she's trying to make the world a better place for developers building applications for the Cloud. In her spare time she studies Japanese and plays the guitar


wm Web, Mobile & UX

Cloud endpoints, Polymer, material design: the Google stack, infinitely scalable, positively beautiful

Hand's on Labs

Google has been pushing the web forward for several years and designing cloud architectures for as long as it exists. Now it all comes together. In this lab you will use material design elements to design, develop and deploy an end-to end web application, front-end and back-end, ready to scale to millions of users.

You will learn to use the following technologies: - Google Cloud Endpoints (Java) and Cloud Datastore (used here with a web front-end but this part is also applicable to Android and iOS development) - Polymer and Web Components (for mobile and desktop) - The Paper Elements for Polymer (material design)

Mandatory Installs prior to lab:

+JDK 7 or 8 (200MB) +Eclipse (4.4 - Luna, 160MB)) +"Google Plugin for Eclipse" and "Google App Engine SDK" to install into Eclipse through "Help > Install New Software ..." from source "" (157MB) +Bower (optional but recommended) +Lab starter code from Git: "git clone" (90MB)