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From Aldebaran

I joined Aldebaran two years ago as a community manager, after spending 9 years in the media industry. Im now managing the team in charge of social media and communities, and the relations with external developer communities.


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Having fun with NAO Robot

Hand's on Labs

You guys are more and more interested in robotics but we know you feel frustrated not having the opportunity to play with these little guys. Well, let's change that! For three hours, you'll have the opportunity to discover NAO robot and all of his APIs. And the opportunity to play with it.

Please come to the workshop with:

  • a JRE & JDK 8 (note that our SDK for Windows only works with only a JDK 32 bits)
  • an IDE like Eclipse or Intellij
  • Choregraphe 2.1.x available after creating an account on (take last version available)
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5 reasons why it's time developers pay attention to robotics


You think robotics is still something for the future? Sorry to say this, but you're wrong :( In healthcare, in retail and even in our home; robots are about to wash over society. In 15mn, discover why you'd better anticipate this