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Quentin ADAM is the CEO of Clever Cloud : a Platform as a Service company allowing you to run java, scala, ruby, node.js, php, python or go applications, with auto scaling and auto healing features. This position allow him to study lots of applications, code, practice, and extract some talks and advises. Regular speaker at various tech conference, he’s focused to help developers to deliver quickly and happily good applications.

Blog: http://www.clever-cloud.com/

cldops Cloud & DevOps

The end of server management : hosting have to become a commodity


The all web expansion in the last 25 years rely on the incredible expansion of hosting capability and technology, these few last years, cloud computing raise like the new super power industrial way to host our website, shops, application and day to day tools. But the true fact is this is way to much a hand-crafted method : virtual or not machine with real operating system and application running on top and managing by human system administrator ; cloud computing by amazon is clearly industrialize raw material and resources, but still need to be canalize and manage by real people. We have to focus about industrialization like we did about electricity a century ago : produce stable standard with a high quality of service and availability, and develop the ecosystem of consumer. So, how the PaaS, the cloud and good process will end the server management ?

bigd Big Data & Analytics

Why postgres SQL deserve noSQL fan respect


Postgres SQL is a plain old SQL DB. Very powerful and very consistent, in some case, project needs an ACID database, but schemaless… With JSON support, postgres is a very interesting tool to provide ACID and some very interesting function (time management, localisation function and data types...) and the schemaless noSQL point of view with json and indexed json. This talk show some great usage and some insigth to build some great application with postgres.

bigd Big Data & Analytics

Why you should version all your data in noSQL world


When you use some schemaless noSQL DB (riak, couchchbase, mongo...), in some case the model of the data change during the application lifecicle. it can cause a lot of trouble in your application, this is why it’s important to add version. This talk is about why, how and how to small impact your code.