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From Pivotal

Stéphane has a thing for code quality and robustness. He's been spreading the word for more than ten years while developing large scale Java enterprise applications in the geospatial, financial, or logistics sectors.

An Apache Maven PMC member since 2006, he joined the core Spring Framework development team early 2014, being one of the main contributors to both Spring Framework and Spring Boot since. During his free time, he loves travelling around the world


java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

Modern Enterprise Java Architectures with Spring 4.1


This session presents selected Spring Framework 4 feature highlights, with a focus on the recently released Spring Framework 4.1. Topics include Spring 4's comprehensive Java 8 story, its WebSocket support, and the latest caching and messaging features in Spring 4.1 - illustrated with component code examples and noteworthy design considerations.

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

De zéro à héros avec Spring Boot


Un JDK, maven/gradle et votre IDE préféré - c’est tout ce dont vous aurez besoin pour démarrer avec Spring Boot.

Ensemble, nous partirons de zéro pour découvrir Spring Boot par la pratique, en construisant une application étape par étape :

  • démarrer un nouveau projet Boot facilement
  • créer des services REST
  • intégrer un datastore
  • sécuriser l’application
  • configurer l’application selon les environnements
  • utiliser hypermedia dans vos APIs REST
  • ajouter des “health checks”
  • préparer l’application pour la production (devops)
  • et plus encore!

A la fin de cette session, vous connaîtrez les possibilités de Spring Boot et repartirez peut-être avec votre application dans le cloud!

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

The Spring BOF

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

A BOF for all fans of Spring to talk about the latest and greatest tech, including Spring Boot, the convention-over-configuration centric framework built on top of Spring.

This is a community get-together, with several people from Pivotal as well as the Spring Meetup Paris on the panel. Questions may be posed in English as well as French.