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From The Eclipse Foundation

Wayne Beaton is the Director or Open Source Projects and an Evanglist for the Eclipse Foundation.

Blog: https://waynebeaton.wordpress.com/

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Eclipse is much more than just an IDE!


Every year, the Eclipse simultaneous release brings together the hard work of dozens of open source projects into a single coordinated release. Most people think of Eclipse as a Java IDE; for the IDE crowd, this year's Mars release introduces changes in the look and feel of Eclipse, improved Java 8 support, enhanced content assist, and more. In this session, we'll walk through some of the new IDE features and survey some of the other technology being developed by open source projects at Eclipse. But Eclipse is also much more than an IDE. Repeat after me: "Eclipse is much more than just an IDE! Eclipse has a lot of cool projects that can get me started with the Internet of Things!". So whether or not you are using Eclipse as your IDE, the second half of this session will give you a crash course on the available technologies to build the Internet of Things on top of Java. You will learn how protocols like MQTT, CoAP or LwM2M and embedded frameworks like Kura help solve classical IoT issues, and you will get useful tips to move from "yay, I blinked an LED!" to more useful industrial IoT scenarios.