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Write in AsciiDoc, Publish Everywhere!


archisec Architecture, Performance et Securité

Neuilly 252 AB

vendredi at 14:05 - 14:55

By using AsciiDoc, you're already following one of the best practices we recommend. You can write once and publish everywhere!

AsciiDoc takes a lot of the pain out of writing documentation and keeps it DRY. As with any tool, you need to learn the best practices to use it effectively, such as:

  • How to organize your documentation
  • How to make your documentation approachable to contributors
  • How to make your documentation easy to maintain
  • What tools to use to simplify collaboration & maximize reuse

I'll address some of the challenges we've come across writing documentation in AsciiDoc, offer a set of tips and recommendations that have helped us improve our writing flow and provide advice about how to keep presentation from leaking into your content...and why it matters.

Dan Allen Dan Allen

Dan is an open source advocate, community catalyst, developer, published author (Seam in Action) and internationally recognized speaker. He is the lead of the Asciidoctor project (asciidoctor.org), serves as the strategic advisor for Arquillian (arquillian.org) and helps promote the JVM as a polyglot Java Champion.

As one of the founders of OpenDevise, Dan works with software communities and businesses to help them discover and cultivate their open source way. (Is there any other way?)

After a long conference day, you'll likely find Dan enjoying chatting about tech, docs and open source with fellow community members over a Trappist beer or Kentucky Bourbon.

Maxime Gréau Maxime Gréau

I'm a Software Developer with 12+ years of experience. I'm actually the technical lead for the Individual Retirement Account (CIR) project at the French Ministry of Finance.

I'm passionate about IT and Open Source so I contribute to Open Source projects (Asciidoctor, JBoss Forge, Struts...) in different ways (coding, speaking...)

I wrote a French book about Apache Maven 3 in 2011 and, as a technical reviewer, I'm actually reviewing a book about Java EE 7 and WildFly 8. I'm speaker at conferences on Java, Web and Cloud technologies like DevNation and DevFest. I blog about all those technologies on his personal website : http://mgreau.com