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ParisDataGeeks @Devoxx

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

bigd Big Data & Analytics

Paris 242-AB

jeudi at 21:30 - 22:30

Pour la troisième année, le Paris Datageek organise une session consacré à la data, sous toutes ses formes(Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Distributed Systems, etc) sous forme de lightning talks, et de talk d'invités qui nous présenteront des sujets techniques, dans la meilleure tradition des DataGeeks.

Sam Bessalah Sam Bessalah

Independent software engineer working on data engineering, distributed computing and machine learning related projects. I co-organize the Paris Datageek Meetup, and regularly speak on big data and distributed systems.

Ori Pekelman Ori Pekelman

Entrepreneur (Internet Patrol, aSmallWorld, af83, Commerce Guys), I have over 20 years experience creating technical innovations, primarily large-scale and distributed applications and architectures.

I am often called upon to mentor start-ups in events and competitions, and I regularily give talks on varied (mostly technical) subjects.

I am a promoter and organizer of community activities including the Paris DataGeeks meet-up, the Elixir language meet-up, several dozen BarCamps and the very successful 2009 DrupalCon Paris. I am