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The upcoming decentralisation singularity.


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Amphi Bleu

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What if computer programs could employ humans? What if access to financial instruments was universal? What if anyone could create their own currency? What if the internet of things could self-heal?

Stephan Tual answers all these questions and more by presenting Ethereum, a free and open source software platform to build and distribute decentralised applications. The second largest crowdfunded project in the world, Ethereum has captured the world's imagination in reinventing how we think about Internet infrastructure, communication and privacy.

Stephan Tual Stephan Tual

As CCO of Ethereum, my current focus is on smart contracts / smart property and the development of decentralized applications sitting on top of the blockchain infrastructure. I am particularly interested in the potential for societal change engendered by users regaining control over both their funds and personal information.

For an overview of Ethereum and what I'm passionate about, please see:

To reach me, use skype and add 'stephan.tual' Follow us on Twitter: @ethereumproject For my own account: @stephantual