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Writing Java Secure Code

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archisec Architecture, Performance et Securité

Paris 202-203 Lab

vendredi at 14:25 - 17:25

The objective of this cours is to learn how to write Java secure code by design to produce a secure software with the maximum protection agains OWASP TOP 10 and SANS TOP 25 attacks. During this class we will lear all Java Secure coding rules with code example (compliant and non-compliant code).

The following domain will be explianed: Input Validation and Data Sanitization (IDS) Declarations and Initialization (DCL) Expressions (EXP) Numeric Types and Operations (NUM) Object Orientation (OBJ) Methods (MET) Exceptional Behavior (ERR) Visibility and Atomicity (VNA) Locking (LCK) Thread APIs (THI) Thread Pools (TPS) Thread-Safety Miscellaneous (TSM) Input Output (FIO) Serialization (SER) Platform Security (SEC) Runtime Environment (ENV) Miscellaneous (MSC)

Azzeddine Ramrami Azzeddine Ramrami

Azzeddine RAMRAMI is an OWASP Leader and the project leader for CSRFGuard project. He is working as Enterprise Security Architect for a large company in Paris and teach Java Secure Coding for a large community of Java developper in the world. Azzeddine RAMRAMI teach @Mile2 ( the following class: CPTE, CPTC, CSWAE, CDFE, CPEH.