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Refactoring to Functional


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Amphi Bleu

jeudi at 14:05 - 14:55

How many times have been told how functional programming is so much better than imperative, and then being presented with a functional approach to calculating a fibonacci sequence, leaving you wondering how that can be even remotely useful when working in real world applications? Yep, we’ve all been there. It seems that every time someone wants to explain functional programming to us, it’s around how to solve some mathematical problem. But how does that provide us value? How do we deal with things like loose coupling or dependency injection? Join this journey where we’ll look at code we usually write when developing business applications and how to refactor this using functional paradigms, and more importantly, see if these provide us with any value.

Hadi Hariri Hadi Hariri

I’m a Software Developer, currently working at JetBrains. My passions include Web Development and Software Architecture. I’ve written a few books and have been speaking at conferences for over a decade, on things I’m passionate about.