WUH-7042 A Gentle Introduction to Reactive Extensions | Devoxx

A Gentle Introduction to Reactive Extensions


archisec Architecture, Performance et Securité

Paris 241

jeudi at 13:00 - 13:50

Reactive Extensions have been around for quite a while. First originated in the Microsoft space, they are now available pretty much on any language and platform, including Java and JavaScript. In this session we’re going to understand what reactive extensions are all about and how we can leverage them to create asynchronous and scalable applications. We’ll see the benefits they provide over other more traditional asynchronous models and see how to put them to use with practical examples. This session is about finally understanding Rx and removing all the myth surrounding it.

Hadi Hariri Hadi Hariri

I’m a Software Developer, currently working at JetBrains. My passions include Web Development and Software Architecture. I’ve written a few books and have been speaking at conferences for over a decade, on things I’m passionate about.